Hi, I'm Dennie

Front-end Developer

I create solutions to web designs and challenges using a detail-oriented problem solving approach.

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My Skillset

Foundational Skills

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Styled Components

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Featured Projects

Screenshot of REST countries API

Rest Countries API

REST Countries API is a Frontend Mentor challenge to consume an API and present its data in a directory and also detail format. The project included light/dark theme switching, searching by user input and filtering by user from a dropdown select menu.

I built the project into a single page application with React and its now a solid foundation for any frontend API project.

  • ReactJS
  • React-router-dom
  • Rest API
  • ContextAPI
  • Styled-Components
  • Axios
Screenshot of my Front-End Developer Skill Tree project

Front-End Developer Skill Tree

This project was my submission to a recent Hackathon hosted by the coding platform

The challenge was to utlize their platform and submit a project for their event and in just 6 days I was able to conceive, research, plan and develop my solution. I've covered my experience and process in a short article here: Read more.

  • Mobile-First Development
  • Fully responsive design
Screenshot of Loopstudios Landing Page

Loopstudios Landing Page

Loopstudios Landing Page is a Frontend Mentor challenge to develop the landing page design for a fictious VR media company.

I built the site according to their design specifications and utilized Sass to organize the css styling and layout.

  • Sass
  • Mobile-First development
  • Fully responsive

About Me

Image of me in Tuscany

I am an enthusiastic developer who enjoys solving problems using code, and creating interactive, accessible and responsive websites.

As the web is continually changing, I do my best to continually learn and evolve to meet its ever changing challenges. I've tried to chart my growth as a developer with technologies and skills that would build upon and compliment what I've already learned.

Learn more about my developer journey

Over the years I have dabbled with coding, most notably Visual Basic which I used at work to automate the parsing and sorting of huge amounts of data in Excel.

It was towards the end of 2019 that I knew I wanted to go into coding full time so I began attending workshops, open houses and information-sessions for all of the major bootcamps in NYC. I spoke with students and graduates and poured over their materials, curriculum and post-graduate results reports [CIRR] . After doing my research and very careful consideration I enrolled at Code Smith

Unfortunately, this was in the beginning of 2020 so when the pandemic hit and the program went remote I opted to withdraw. I continued to study coding though, completing courses on Udemy from instructors Colt Steele and Brad Traversy.

I later joined the Scrimba learning platform and fine tuned my skills and became involved in the online tech community.

Get in Touch

Please feel free to reach out to me on any of my social media accounts or through the contact form.

I am available for work.

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